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KM-165 marine air horn

 LOA over 75m

Kahlenberg KM-165

The IMO compliant Kahlenberg KM-165 is designed for commercial and military vessels over 75m LOA. Ruggedly built to withstand harsh environments and continuous service demands, with a range of 2nm and fundamental frequency of 165Hz. 

Kahlenberg KM-165 marine air horn

The Kahlenberg KM-165 is ruggedly constructed using a cast marine aluminium bell, with stainless steel diaphragm and fasteners.

A patented three-piece hermetically sealed stainless steel diaphragm assembly and self-draining design ensure that the KM-165 keeps on working reliably, between -4°C to 80°C. If you operate in cold water climes then see the Kahlenberg KM-165-DVM-H model.

Can be used with the Kahlenberg KM-135 air horn or KPH-130C piston horn for dual whistle systems on vessels over 200 metres.

Listen to the Kahlenberg KM-165 marine air horn

Model KM-165 features

  • Vessel length – 75-200m and >200m
  • Heated? – No
  • Finish – Primed and painted marine grey, white optional
  • Fundamental Frequency – 165 Hz
  • Audibility Range – 2nm
  • S.P.L. Output (1/3 Octave Band) – 143 dB
  • Dimensions – 864mm x 457mm x 457mm (34in x 18in x 18in)
  • Control – External Manual, Electric Solenoid, or Combination Manual/Electric Valve
  • Operating Temperature – -4°C to +80°C [24°F to +176°F]
  • Degree of Protection – IP56
  • Air Consumption – 50l/sec [106 SCFM] on 8.3 bars [120 psi]
  • Net weight – 14 kg (31 lb)

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