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Sound and light signal controllers

Kahlenberg M-485A

The Kahlenberg M-485A Fog Signal Timer offers a simple but elegant solution to relieving a skipper or watch from repeatedly sounding the vessel’s air horn or other sound signal apparatus. Full concentration can instead be focused on the helm, keeping a good watch and dealing with any emergency.

Kahlenberg M-512

The new Kahlenberg M-512 sound and light controller significantly improves safety by producing automatic sound and light signals for navigation as required by IMO and SOLAS. It supersedes our popular M-511C model with greater functionality plus a user friendly and more compact control panel (upgrade adapter plates available).

Kahlenberg M-522

The new M-522 sound and light controller improves safety by producing the automatic sound and light signals required by IMO and SOLAS. It is operated by a clearly annotated and easy to use robust control fascia.

Kahlenberg M-611

The Kahlenberg M-611 Sound and Light Signal Controller is a rugged panel offering complex automatic control of the marine sound and light signals required by IMO and SOLAS.

Kahlenberg sound signal accessories

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers