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Industrial sound signalling

Kahlenberg has a very wide range of industrial sound signals, industrial sound signal controllers and accessories to suit every need, from general warning, fire alarm, evacuation and time tones, right up to mass notification signals.

Kahlenberg industrial sound signals can be supplied to deal with ranges up to 6km (3.7 statute miles).

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Up to 1km / 0.5 mile range

Kahlenberg offers six different choices of highly effective and robust air horns for industrial alarm and signalling purposes including the extremely compact CA Industrial Air Horn and the fully self-contained BI-0A-SC Industrial Air Horn that only requires a 120VAC or 240VAC power supply to function.

CA industrial air horn
Kahlenberg K-25 and K-1R1 industrial air horns

Up to 3km / 2 mile range

Kahlenberg K-series horns have been keeping workers in factories and industrial sites across the world safe for decades. You can choose a series of frequencies from 311Hz (D# above middle C for the musically minded) to 622Hz, with options including integrated bi-directional industrial horns and twin trumpet industrial horns.

Up to 6km / 4 mile range

For industrial notification over big distances, such as quarries, mines and other large area sites, select the same technology that keeps the largest ships safe at sea, from the global leader in air horns. From the KM-250, to the mighty KM-135-DVM-H. Includes heated options for maximum reliability in harsh climates.

Kahlenberg KM-135-DVM-H industrial air horn