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Sound signal controllers, switches, compressors and accessories

Not content with producing the best sound signals that you will find globally, Kahlenberg backs that up with a superior range of related equipment. From automated sound and light control, through to air compressors, valves, switches and more

Marine sound and light signal controllers

Kahlenberg produces its own design controllers, from the simple M-485A fog signal timer suitable for the smallest boat, through to sophisticated yet easy to use controllers that can integrate with ship’s systems and with other Kahlenberg controllers.

Marine horn switches and manual pull levers

There’s little point in having the best marine signal in the world if it fails for lack of a reliable electrical button. Kahlenberg offers a range of robust horn buttons and Morse keys, plus a manual pull lever to integrate with its solenoid / manual valve range.

Marine air compressors

To obtain the very best performance from your Kahlenberg air horn, then fit an air compressor that has been proven in service.

Marine solenoid and manual air valves

They might be the smallest component in the system, but solenoid valves perform a vital role in controlling your air horn. Kahlenberg supply models to suit all installations, including solenoid valves with manual overrides for extra safety and explosion proof models.

Kahlenberg air horn compressors

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers

Leisure marine sound signals up to 20m LOA | 20m-75m LOA | 75m-200m LOA

Commercial and military marine sound signals up to 20m LOA | 20m-75m LOA | 75m-200m LOA | over 200m LOA