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Mass notification wide area sound signals

Kahlenberg designs and manufactures powerful acoustically optimised air horns in omni-directional arrays for 360 degree sound coverage. This makes them perfect for evacuation signalling, wide area warning and mass notification systems and a good replacement for large siren systems. Rance capability runs right up to 16km / 10 miles, with smaller models available to suit all applications.

Kahlenberg mass notification signals can be supplied as base horns, or heated to enable operation down to –40°C. They are extremely rugged and offer long service and low maintenance when used in a variety of applications including quarries, chemical plants, refineries, open pit mines, coal yards  and industrial facilities as well as in public spaces such as campuses and golf courses for general warning, lightning warning, fire alarm and evacuation.

Standalone custom built wireless remote controlled evacuation and warning systems are also available. Please contact us for further information.

Up to 1.5km / 0.9 mile radius

Kahlenberg offers an extremely compact wide area notification signal for this radius of operation. The CA-4 is extremely rugged and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

CA-4 air alarm
Model K4-1-ENHC Horns

Up to 6km / 4 mile range

Kahlenberg Model K cast aluminium horns are offered in omnidirectional models for mass notification wide area signal and alarm purposes. You can choose a series of frequencies from 311Hz (D# above middle C for the musically minded) to 622Hz, including an integrated compressor model. We also offer the Q3-483-2 Air Alarm in spun brass and bronze which operates at 207Hz

Up to 8km / 5 mile range

To fulfil the requirements of omnidirectional mass notification signals at this range, Kahlenberg has used all of its acoustic engineering skills to create a series of dual tone models using a total of eight horns to achieve excellent coverage for fire alarm and mass notification signals.

K4-12 Air Alarm
KM3-165-WF Air Alarm

Up to 12km / 7 mile range

Those requiring very large omnidirectional wide area range for mass notification are served by Kahlenberg’s mighty KM3-165-WF Air Alarm. This harnesses proven performance from air horns developed for the harshest maritime conditions.

Up to 16km / 10 mile range

For industrial notification over big distances, such as quarries, mines and other large area sites, select the same technology that keeps the largest ships safe at sea, from the global leader in air horns. From the KM-250, to the mighty KM-135-DVM-H. Includes heated options for maximum reliability in harsh climates.

Kahlenberg KM-135-DVM-H industrial air horn