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Commercial and military marine sound signals

Whatever the requirement and wherever you operate with a commercial or military vessel, Kahlenberg has the answer. From standalone electric horns and modular pneumatic solutions, to its globally famous marine air horns, all tested compliant with IMO requirements. We know how important it is for commercial and military vessel operators to have signals that perform safely and reliably in continuous service.

Up to 20m LOA

Kahlenberg provides the perfect choice of sound signals for small commercial and military vessels, from the KB-15G horn hailer to Zero series air horns


There is a broad range of choice within the Kahlenberg line-up for commercial and military vessels spanning 20m-75m LOA. From the popular KB-30A horn hailer and the KB-20 electric horn, to the very compact and efficient 330-series air horns and larger options from the Chimetone range.


We have traditional powerhouse air and piston horns for the commercial and military marine vessel segment between 75m-200m, but also our brand new innovative Z-320-SC completely self-contained air horn – just add electricity.

Over 200m

Kahlenberg Triton piston horns and KM-series air horns provide the deeply resonate signature note of many vessels globally over 200m LOA

Kahlenberg air horn compressors

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers

Commercial and military marine sound signals up to 20m LOA | 20m-75m LOA | 75m-200m LOA | over 200m LOA