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KPH-130C Triton marine piston horn

 LOA over 75m

Kahlenberg KPH-130C

The Kahlenberg KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston Horn is electrically powered and IMO certified for vessels over 75m (246ft) and over 200m (656ft) in length. It is a hugely proven model in service around the globe, ruggedly built and heated for continuous service. A completely standalone solution – just add an electrical supply.

Kahlenberg KPH-130C marine electric piston horn

The Kahlenberg KPH-130C marine piston horn is ideal for situations where it is preferable not to arrange a remote power supply and the Triton can be specified to cover a range of power options, including 380V three-phase 50Hz model and 460V three-phase 60Hz version. Both utilise 230V for the control voltage.

The fundamental frequency is 130Hz and the KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston Horn has an audible range of 2nm. SPL is 147dBA at 1m.

It uses a high strength aluminium bell and supporting frame, an aluminium crankcase and a stainless steel cylinder and fasteners. The KPH-130C is self-draining and it uses a motor rated to IP56 and insulation Class F with an anti-condensation strip heater. The crankcase and piston assembly is oil-free and also heated.

The KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston Horn is Alodine treated, primed and enamel coated.

Listen to the Kahlenberg KPH-130C marine piston horn

Model KPH-130C Electric Piston Horn features

  • Vessel length – 75-200m and >200m
  • Heated? – Yes
  • Power – Electrically Powered
  • Control and Heater – 120/230V [50-60 Hz]
  • Finish – Alodine Treated, Primed and Enamel coated Grey
  • SPL (Loudness) on Total – 147 dBA @ 1m
  • SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave – > 143 dB @ 1m
  • Power Consumption – 15A on 460/3/60 (other voltages available)
  • Audibility – 2nm (IMO)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 130 Hz ± 20 Hz
  • Tone (Musical Note) – C3
  • Operating Voltage – 460/3/60 (other voltages available)
  • Operating Temperature – 1-40ºC to +45ºC [-22ºF to +113ºF]
  • Degree of Protection – IP 56
  • Net weight – 100 kg [220 lbs]
  • Basic Dimension – 1018mm x 635mm x 844mm [40in x 25in x 33in]

Commercial and military sound signals

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