New wireless controlled outdoor air horn

Kahlenberg has released the K-1L1-SB Wireless Scoreboard Air Horn for use as a remotely controlled as a scoring signal for sports fields, sailing clubs, golf courses and other outdoor venues. Control is provided by a key fob-style transmitter, which can operate at distances of up to 369m (12ooft). Based upon Kahlenberg’s long proven Model K industrial horns, which are also in wide use for mass notification and wide area alerts, the K-1L1-SB provides a sound pressure level of over 140dB at 1m with a dual tone of 261Hz and 311Hz fr effective audibility even across background noise and well in excess of the performance of typical outdoor PA systems.

The package includes a mounting bracket and wireless receiver. Multiple key fob transmitters are optional.

An inexpensive watertight power supply (P490-15) is available to convert AC power to the 12V DC required by the radio receiver. We can also supply matching compressor kits for the air supply.

Originally developed for sporting venues in the US, we see that this product would have great applications across Europe too, from sports fields and golf clubs to sailing clubs that wish to manage distant start lines or who also wish to place air horns well away from the officers of the day on health and safety grounds.