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Z-320-SC marine pneumatic horn

 LOA 75m-200m

Kahlenberg Z-320-SC

Want the rugged reliability of an air horn with the connectivity convenience of an electric horn? The Kahlenberg Z-320-SC pneumatic horn is your answer. This IMO compliant completely standalone package for vessels between 75m-200m can operate down to -40°C.

Kahlenberg Z-320-SC pneumatic horn
The Kahlenberg Model Z-320-SC self contained pneumatic horn uses an internal, direct drive air source. The only power requirement is a low amperage AC single-phase or three-phase electrical connection.
Completely contained in a thermostatically controlled, heated, IP-56 enclosure, the Z-320-SC provides excellent reliability and longevity in harsh marine environments. It is type approved for vessels 75-200m in length and rated for continuous duty.
Since its introduction in 2017 Kahlenberg UK has already sold a number of these innovative units into service.
The Z-320-SC utilises a special motor controller, Kahlenberg Model M-66, for use with 50 Hz A.C. power applications.

Listen to the Kahlenberg Z-320-SC horn

Model Z-320-SC Pneumatic Horn features

  • Vessel length – 75-200m
  • Heated? – Yes
  • Power – Electrically Powered
  • Finish – Grey or White Gelcoat
  • Fundamental Frequency – 330 Hz
  • SPL (Loudness) on Total – 147.5 dBA @ 1m
  • SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave – >138 dB @ 1m
  • Power Consumption – 8.6A @ 230V 1Ph, 2.4A @ 460V 3Ph
  • Electrical Power Required – 110-240 V.A.C. 1 Ph 50/60Hz, or 230/460 V.A.C. 3 Ph. 50/60Hz
  • Audibility – 1.5nm (IMO)
  • Materials – Brass horn body, reinforced fiberglass enclosure, aluminum base
  • Operating Temperature – -40ºC to +69ºC [-40ºF to +140ºF]
  • Degree of Protection – IP 56
  • Net weight – 48 kg [106 lbs]
  • Basic Dimension – 895mm x 533mm x 520mm [35.25in x 21in x 20.5in]

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