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M-485A fog signal timer

Kahlenberg M-485A

The Kahlenberg M-485A Fog Signal Timer offers a simple but elegant solution to relieving a skipper or watch from repeatedly sounding the vessel’s air horn or other sound signal apparatus. Full concentration can instead be focused on the helm, keeping a good watch and dealing with any emergency.

Kahlenberg M-485A fog signal controller

The M-485A Sound Signal Timer is packaged as a neat, waterproof two rocker switch module with clear labelling to explain operation. It can easily be used in conjunction with the matching M-126 push button switch.

Power consumption is zero when the switch is off and just 6mA in standby and 75mA in operation. The M485-A Sound Signal Timer comes in 12V and 24V versions and can handle up to 20A load.

The M485-A Sound Signal Timer automatically sounds the appropriate signal for the following restricted visibility requirements under Rule 35 of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs):

  • Vessel underway (Rule 35a)
  • Vessel underway but stopped (Rule 35b)
  • Vessel restricted in ability to manouevre (Rule 35c)

The rear face of the controller is sealed with protruding 6.3mm terminals for easy connection and it comes with straightforward instructions for installation.

Signal Controller, Fog Signal Timer Model M-485A features

  • Voltage – 12-24 V D.C.
  • Power Consumption –75mA
  • Maximum – 20A @ 12V D.C. switching capability
  • Material – plastic (polyester) body, 1/4″ male terminal posts
  • Certifications – CSA certified, UL listed.
  • Ingress Protection – IP66 and 68.

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