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KB-20 marine electric horn

 LOA 20m-75m

Kahlenberg KB-20

Kahlenberg’s KB-20 is a proven electric horn solution for commercial and military vessels up to 75m LOA that requires no external air or steam source. It is tested to comply with IMO requirements and its aluminium bell and supporting frame is strong, lightweight and durable.

Kahlenberg KB-20 electric marine horn

The Kahlenberg KB-20 features a totally enclosed driver, rated to IP56, and a self-draining design. It has a 150W anti-condensation strip heater. Operating voltage is 24V DC.

It is supplied with the M-478A Oscillator Unit and an optional M-477 AC to DC power supply is available,

Listen to the Kahlenberg KB-20 marine air horn

Model KB-20 Electric Horn features

  • Vessel length – 20-75m
  • Heated? – Yes
  • Power – Electrically Powered
  • Finish – Alodine Treatment, Primed and Enamel coated
  • Control and Heater – 120/230V [50-60 Hz]
  • SPL (Loudness) on Total – 131 dBA @ 1 meter
  • SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave – > 131 dB @ 1 meter
  • Power Consumption – 500 W
  • Audibility – 1nm (IMO)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 300 Hz ± 20 Hz
  • Operating Voltage – 24 V.D.C. (115/230 volt A.C. with optional M-477 Power Supply)
  • Operating Temperature – -40ºC to +45ºC [-22ºF to +113ºF]
  • Degree of Protection – IP 56
  • Net weight – 22 kg [49 lbs]
  • Basic Dimension – 949mm x 541mm x 394mm [37in x 21in x 15.5in]

Commercial and military sound signals

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers