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D-4A marine air horn

 LOA 75m-200m

Kahlenberg Chimetone D-4A

Kahlenberg Chimetone four-series air horns provide superyacht quality sound signals to the increasing number of mega yachts that are being built in the 75m-200m size segment, as well as a wide variety of ships. IMO compliant and suitable for all vessels up to 200m (246ft) overall length.

Kahlenberg D-4A marine air horn in chrome

The Kahlenberg Chimetone D-4A is a two-projector marine air horn constructed entirely out of spun brass and bronze and tuned to 171Hz and 220Hz to provide a harmonic, highly effective sound signal for larger superyachts.

Finished with the finest quality duplex nickel chrome plating, white powdercoat or bare, the D-4A can operate over a very wide range of air pressure, for adaption to ship supply where this is available.

Listen to the Kahlenberg D-4A marine air horn

Kahlenberg Chimetone D-4A air horn, shown here in bare metal finish
Kahlenberg Chimetone D-4A air horn, shown here in bare metal finish

Model D-4A Chimetone features

  • Vessel length – 75-200M
  • Heated? – No
  • Finish – Kahlenberg Chrome Plate Finish (White Powdercoat/Gold PVD/Black Chrome Optional)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 171 and 220 Hz
  • S.P.L. (dB(A) at 1 meter) – 143.2dB
  • S.P.L. (1/3 Octave @ 1 Meter) – 138.3 dB
  • Air Consumption – 116 c.f.m. (54.7 l/s) @ 150 p.s.i. (10 bar)
  • Air Pressure Required – 100 to 250 p.s.i. (7 to 17 bar)
  • Control – External manual/solenoid operating valve
  • Material – Cast Bronze and Brass
  • Net weight – 145 lb (65 kg)
  • Dimensions – 25in x 24in x 13in (635mm x 612mm x 330mm)

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