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KA1000 marine air compressor

Kahlenberg KA1000

The Kahlenberg KA1000 marine duty compressed air system is a quiet, oil-less, compressor solution incorporating Jun-Air compressors, specifically arranged for marine use. Powered by 120V or 240V AC.

Kahlenberg KA1000 marine air compressor

Quiet Operation: 69dB(A) @ 1m

Oil-less, continous duty operation: (minimises maintenance by eliminating oil in air lines)

Regulated Output: Included air regulator allows for controlled air consumption without reducing volume of air available in the system.

Easy Installation: Fittings, ASME air tank, and tubing are supplied, as are safety valve, air gauge, and ball valves.

All fittings are instant connect. The only wiring required is connection of the compressor assembly to line voltage.

Air Compressor Model KA1000 features

  • Voltage – Single Phase A.C. Voltage 50/60 Hz
  • Motors – 1.2hp Combined
  • Max Current – 15A @120V, 7.5A @ 240V
  • Displacement – 9.75 CFM, 276 l/min
  • FAD @ 8 bar – 3.11 CFM, 88 l/min
  • Max Pressure – 150 p.s.i., 10.31 bar
  • Weight – 126lb, 57 kg, Compressor and Tank
  • Noise Level – 69 dB(A)@ 1m
  • Thermal Protection – Yes
  • Duty Cycle – 100% Continuous
  • Vibration Isolated – Yes
  • Wire Size – 14 AWG

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