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02M musical marine air horn

 LOA 20m-75m

Kahlenberg 02M

The Kahlenberg 02M is the ultimate air horn on the water, anywhere in the world. Offering a full octave array, the 02M can play pre-programmed songs or integrate with a MIDI keyboard for your own tunes. Tested to be IMO compliant and suitable for all vessels up to 75m (246ft) overall length.

Kahlenberg OM2 musical marine air horn in chrome

The Kahlenberg 02M musical air horn is offered as a masthead array, with an optional M-300 chrome masthead light on an integrated mount. Or you can specify it as a pair of low profile four projector arrays for coachroof and flybridge brow installation. You can play your way up the G-scale from the main console, trigger pre-programmed songs and add your own with a MIDI enabled keyboard. 

The Kahlenberg 02M air horn is sturdily built out of spun brass and cast bronze for completely robust and virtually maintenance free service. Kahlenberg’s renowned triple chrome plate is the standard finish for this model; enquire if you are interested in alternates.

Listen to the Kahlenberg 02M marine air horn

Model 02M Musical features

  • Vessel length – 20-75M
  • Heated? – No
  • Finish – Kahlenberg Chrome Plate Finish (White Powdercoat/Gold PVD/Black Chrome Optional)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 196 to 392 Hz
  • S.P.L. (1/3 Octave @ 1 Meter) – 132 dB
  • Air Consumption – Appx. 14 C.F.M. @ 100 p.s.i., 7 l/s @ 7 bar
  • Air Pressure Required – 100 to 150 p.s.i., 7 to 10 bar
  • Material – Cast Bronze, Spun Brass
  • Net weight – 125 lbs., 57 kg.
  • Dimensions – 26.5in x 29.75in x 24.5in (673mm x 756mm x 622mm)

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