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Kahlenberg UK Ltd is the European distributor for Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. providing full European support and local stock for Kahlenberg marine and industrial air horns, sound signals, controllers, air compressors and the company's other products.

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Sound signal legal requirements

IMO COLREGs bookWhile countries across Europe will have local laws that apply to ship and boat navigation, there is a common requirement worldwide for all leisure, commercial and military vessels to conform to the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. As Steve Austin, Senior Policy Lead at the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) explains: "The COLREGs apply to all vessels, there is no differentiation between coded and non-coded vessels. Should the whistles prove not to conform then they will need to be modified or changed."

"Whistles should conform to the performance in COLREGs, Appendix III and the appropriate parts of IEC 60945 to EN60945 which deal with the marine operating environment."

All Kahlenberg products meet or exceed these requirements. Many other new and currently installed sound signals are non-compliant and might be breaching maritime law and invalidating insurance cover.

Marine sound signals

Kahlenberg has a comprehensive range of marine sound signals, comtrollers, compressors and accessories to suit everything from the smallest leisure motorboat and sailboat through to super yachts, commercial vessels, pilot boats, fishing vessels, tugs and naval vessels as large as aircraft carriers.

All products have two things in common - they meet the requirements of the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) and they offer a unique combination of excellent design and reliability.


Commercial and military sound signals

Kahlenberg commercial and military air horns and electric hornsKahlenberg air horns and electric horns are developed to withstand the extreme demands of commercial and military service. The durability of Kahlenberg sound signals has been demonstrated over decades of service on ocean-going vessels ranging from naval warships to fishing vessels.

Military specifications demand extensive testing for many Kahlenberg air horns and electric horns and the accessories supplied with them; the exceptional qualities of Kahlenberg horn design and manufacturing is proven.

All Kahlenberg Air Horns and Electric Horns meet or exceed IMO Requirements. Certificates of Conformance to the regulations are supplied upon request and with every order.

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Yacht and motorboat sound signals

Kahlenberg-D-0A marine air hornKahlenberg's yacht and motorboat marine air horns offer owners and skippers two distinct advantages: a highly reliable means of complying with IMO sound signalling requirements and an aesthetically pleasing item of deck hardware with a distinctive sound that is the envy of everyone that hears it.

All Kahlenberg sound signals are tested in an in-house anechoic chamber to ensure conformance to the standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Collision Regulations (COLREGs). Certificates from all major approval bodies are also available.

Kahlenberg air horns offer the same standards for models suitable for rigid inflatables (RIBs) and weekend motorboats and sailboats, through to the largest superyachts and large commercial vessels up to 75m (264ft) and beyond if required.

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Sound signal controllers

Kahlenberg M-511C Sound Signal ControllerKahlenberg manufactures a large range of sound signal controls and accessories to cope with installation of air horns and other signalling apparatus aboard the smallest leisure boat up to the largest commercial and military ship.

We feature some of the most popular items in the range on this website and stock of these products is held in Europe.

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Marine grade air compressors and accessories

Kahlenberg P449-14-24 marine air compressorKahlenberg air horns can be powered from a variety of sources including existing supplies. However if you want the same reliability and safety in service as the horn itself then specify Kahlenberg air compressors with your purchase.

Kahlenberg air compressor kits come with a comprehensive set of components all carefully matched to provide best performance. DC and AC-powered options are available.

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