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Kahlenberg UK Ltd is the European distributor for Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. providing full European support and local stock for Kahlenberg marine and industrial air horns, sound signals, controllers, air compressors and the company's other products.

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Sound signal legal requirements

IMO COLREGs bookWhile countries across Europe will have local laws that apply to ship and boat navigation, there is a common requirement worldwide for all leisure, commercial and military vessels to conform to the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. As Steve Austin, Senior Policy Lead at the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) explains: "The COLREGs apply to all vessels, there is no differentiation between coded and non-coded vessels. Should the whistles prove not to conform then they will need to be modified or changed."

"Whistles should conform to the performance in COLREGs, Appendix III and the appropriate parts of IEC 60945 to EN60945 which deal with the marine operating environment."

All Kahlenberg products meet or exceed these requirements. Many other new and currently installed sound signals are non-compliant and might be breaching maritime law and invalidating insurance cover.

Latest news

IMO compliance theme at Seawork 2011

Kahlenberg UK Seawork 2011 commercial marine exhibition standKahlenberg UK has seen much interest in the universal IMO compliance of its Kahlenberg air horns and electric horns at Seawork International 2011 commercial marine exhibition in Southampton.

Products on display include the Kahlenberg KB-30 horn/hailer, a set of Chimetone D-1 air horns, a Kahlenberg KM-250-DVM-H air horn and the new Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn. Also on show is the M-611 sound and light signal controller.

Speaking from the show today, company chairman Piers du Pré confirmed that there was a common theme to many of the enquiries on the stand, with particular interest centered on the fact that all Kahlenberg sound signals are compliant with the requirements of the IMO and inland waterway authorities.

"Any operator of owner of a boat should be familiar with their responsibilities under the ColRegs and other legislation such as the European CEVNI rules," Piers stated, "but of course this is particularly acute for commercial operations where vessels are often in use 24 hours a day, in all conditions.


Kahlenberg unveils the new S-330 at Seawork

Kahlenberg S-330 boat air hornKahlenberg UK is pleased to announce the launch of the new S-330 single trumpet marine air horn at Seawork International 2011.

The Kahlenberg S-330 was developed by Kahlenberg Industries to provide a fully IMO compliant sound signal in an economic and compact package suitable for use on vessels up to 75m (246ft). This is an addition rather than a replacement for any of the models in the Chimetone range and provides operators and owners with a budget efficient option while still enjoying all of Kahlenberg's usual reliability and quality. To-date selecting price sensitive products in this area from other manufacturers has often meant choosing sound signals that are either unreliable, or not compliant with IMO ColReg requirements; the S-330 addresses those issues.

The S-330 has just received its ABS type approval certificate and one of the first examples will be on display on the Kahlenberg UK stand B111 at Seawork International.

To obtain further details please visit our stand or look at the Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn product page.

Kahlenberg European distribution company established

From left to right: Erick Kahlenberg, Piers du Pré and Steve Kahlenberg launch Kahlenberg UK Ltd at Kahlenberg's factory in Two Rivers WisconsinUS manufacturer Kahlenberg Industries, Inc has appointed a new company, Kahlenberg UK Ltd, to handle the distribution of its full range of marine and industrial sound signals, sound signal controls, air compressors and accessories across all of Europe except Italy.

Kahlenberg UK Ltd builds on the success of sister company du Pré Marine since it was appointed as an agent for Kahlenberg in 2009.

Kahlenberg UK Ltd Chairman Piers du Pré, who also owns the telecommunications and IT specialist du Pré plc, explains: "The du Pré Group has extensive experience of managing support to BSI standards and the knowledge of how to build and maintain a thriving customer base within the UK and in overseas markets. du Pré Marine was formed to represent a very select, high quality range of niche marine products where full service back-up and a personal approach is required. As an active owner of an 18m trawler yacht I know how invaluable this is for leisure skippers, superyacht captains, vessel masters and ship managers alike.

Kahlenberg European distributor appointed read more

Kahlenberg onboard the USS George HW Bush


American supercarrier the USS George HW Bush CVN-77The US Navy’s latest supercarrier, the USS George HW Bush, visited the UK recently on its maiden operational assignment after taking part in war games in the Western Approaches.

Measuring 1092ft and generating 260,000shp from twin nuclear reactors, CVN-77 carries 90 aircraft, 5700 crew  and has a speed of at least 30 knots. She spent fi ve days at anchor off Stokes Bay in the Solent as her draft prevented her from entering Portsmouth Harbour.

Whether needing to signal her presence at speed or sounding her intentions and salutes in harbour, the carrier needs a reliable and powerful whistle. Given Kahlenberg Industries' long-standing relationship with the US Navy it is no surprise to see a Kahlenberg KPH-130 Piston Horn and accessories providing for USS George HW Bush’s sound signalling requirements.

Kahlenberg UK at Seawork International 2011

Seawork International 2011 showThe European distributor for Kahlenberg marine sound signals, Kahlenberg UK Ltd, is pleased to announce its attendance at the Seawork International 2011 show in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

The show runs between 14-16 June and is based at the Fruit Terminal in Southampton docks.

A wide range of Kahlenberg marine air horns, electric horns and sound signal controllers and accessories will be on display including the D-2, the KPH-130C, the KM-250 and the KB-30. Kahlenberg UK will also be pleased to unveil a signficant launch for the European market at this show, the S-330.

In attendance will be Piers du Pré and Toby du Pré - please visit us on stand B111 where you will be most welcome.

New Kahlenberg D-0A air horns for Formanda

Kahlenberg D-0A air horns installed aboard FormandaKahlenberg UK Ltd director Kim Hollamby has recently fitted a set of Kahlenberg D-0A air horns to Formanda, his 1974-built motor cruiser that is nearing the end of a three-year restoration.

"Formanda still had her original air horn from the 1970s," Kim relates. "But for sure it was nowhere near compliant with the COLREGs and it sounded and looked very wrong too. The D-0As are something else again. They look superb and sound fantastic, although we have to be careful not to scare the neighbours. Being based in the naval dockyard of Portsmouth in the UK when we sound the Kahlenbergs everyone starts looking around for something altogether larger."

Kahlenberg D-0A installation for Formanda read more

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