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Kahlenberg UK Ltd is the European distributor for Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. providing full European support and local stock for Kahlenberg marine and industrial air horns, sound signals, controllers, air compressors and the company's other products.

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Sound signal legal requirements

IMO COLREGs bookWhile countries across Europe will have local laws that apply to ship and boat navigation, there is a common requirement worldwide for all leisure, commercial and military vessels to conform to the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. As Steve Austin, Senior Policy Lead at the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) explains: "The COLREGs apply to all vessels, there is no differentiation between coded and non-coded vessels. Should the whistles prove not to conform then they will need to be modified or changed."

"Whistles should conform to the performance in COLREGs, Appendix III and the appropriate parts of IEC 60945 to EN60945 which deal with the marine operating environment."

All Kahlenberg products meet or exceed these requirements. Many other new and currently installed sound signals are non-compliant and might be breaching maritime law and invalidating insurance cover.

Air horns now available in black and gold PVD finish

Kahlenberg has now developed a process that enables it to offer many of its air horn models in black chrome and gold physical vapour deposition (PVD) finishes.

To create these finishes a metal/ceramic compound is bonded to chrome-plated parts in a vacuum chamber. The result is a super hard, corrosion resistant surface.

The end result features the same brilliance and mirror-shine of Kahlenberg's chrome-plated air horns, with the added benefit of significantly improved corrosion and scratch resistance.

These finishes are available as standard on Kahlenberg Zero-Series, S330 and D-330 air horns, with other models on request.



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