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Kahlenberg UK Ltd is the European distributor for Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. providing full European support and local stock for Kahlenberg marine and industrial air horns, sound signals, controllers, air compressors and the company's other products.

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Sound signal legal requirements

IMO COLREGs bookWhile countries across Europe will have local laws that apply to ship and boat navigation, there is a common requirement worldwide for all leisure, commercial and military vessels to conform to the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. As Steve Austin, Senior Policy Lead at the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) explains: "The COLREGs apply to all vessels, there is no differentiation between coded and non-coded vessels. Should the whistles prove not to conform then they will need to be modified or changed."

"Whistles should conform to the performance in COLREGs, Appendix III and the appropriate parts of IEC 60945 to EN60945 which deal with the marine operating environment."

All Kahlenberg products meet or exceed these requirements. Many other new and currently installed sound signals are non-compliant and might be breaching maritime law and invalidating insurance cover.

Yacht and motorboat horns

Kahlenberg D-0A twin marine air horns pictured head onKahlenberg's yacht and motorboat marine air horns are all built to extremely high quality. They offer owners and skippers two distinct advantages, a highly reliable means of complying with IMO sound signalling requirements and an aesthetically pleasing item of deck hardware with a distinctive sound that is the envy of everyone that hears it.

All Kahlenberg sound signals are tested in an in-house anechoic chamber to ensure conformance to the standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Collision Regulations (Colregs). ABS and MCA certificates of conformance are included in every shipment and certificates from a number of other approval bodies are also available.

Kahlenberg air horns offer the same standards from the K-Series, which can fit even small craft such as rigid inflatables (RIBs), through to larger models that can accommodate superyachts and large commercial vessels up to 75m (264ft) and beyond if required.

D-330 marine air horn

Kahlenberg D-330 twin trumpet yacht hornThe Kahlenberg D-330 twin trumpet air horn provides remarkable IMO certified performance for vessels up to 75m (246ft) in length, in a lightweight and compact package.

This size also means that it requires a very modest ait supply, making minimal demand on onboard systems or requiring a very small standalone compressor set.

The Kahlenberg D-330 marine air horn can be supplied in a variety of finishes including Kahlenberg's durable chrome plate, TGIC sky white powder coat, or gold or black chrome PVD.


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Chimetone Yacht Horns

Kahlenberg D-1 twin trumpet yacht hornChimetone Yacht Horns are carefully manufactured to give reliable service and to meet or exceed IMO requirements for leisure yacht and commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft).

This range of air horns, made entirely of bronze or brass and available in chrome or white powder coat finish, never needs tuning or calibration of any kind. All except one model uses multiple trumpets or projectors; these are carefully tuned to provide harmonics both to provide a safe and effective signal and a distinctive sound that any owner will be proud of.

Like all other air horns in Kahlenberg's yacht ranges the Chimetone models are beautifully crafted to ensure they enhance the look of the most expensive vessel. Most can be additionally fitted with an optional, clear, 360° manoeuvring light.

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K-Series air horns

Kahlenberg K-380 Series IMO compliant compact marine air hornIt is tempting to call these marine air horns the babies of the Kahlenberg range but unlike many competitors in this size bracket they still exceed IMO sound signal requirements for vessels up to 20m (66ft). They also have a fantastic big yacht finish in high quality chrome or white to name two options. No nasty plastic, press-fold seams or exposed electrics to fail or mar the look of your boat. Plus they offer very compact install options.

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S-330 marine air horn

Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn

The Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn provides a fully IMO compliant and ABS certified sound signal for leisure boats and commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft) but in a very compact and efficient package.

The size and efficiency of the S-330 is a result of detailed design effort on its special alloy diaphragm that produces the requisite levels of sound for very modest air consumption. The horn has been extensively tested and refined in Kahlenberg’s own anechoic test chamber.

The performance of the horn has subsequently been certified by ABS and you can view the model’s ABS certificate below.

As a result of this design effort the S-330 outperforms competitors in terms of its air consumption and form factor. This also leads to corresponding benefits below decks as extremely small DC or AC compressor systems and tanks can be utilised while providing ample capacity to IMO requirements for all required signals.


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Zero Series marine air horns

Kahlenberg T-0A IMO compliant triple marine air hornKahlenberg marine air horns can be found on the largest of vessels worldwide, but you can obtain all of the renowned abilities of this manufacturer by purchasing a Zero Series air horn. This powerful choice of single, twin and triple marine air horns is IMO compliant for yachts and motorboats up to 20m (66ft) in length. These air horns are optimised to provide maximum volume for the smallest possible air compressors and their compact form factors make for easy installation on all types of motor yachts and sailing yachts.

Kahlenberg Zero Series air horns are constructed in extremely robust cast bronze and spun brass. They can be offered as standard in brass, high quality chrome plate or white powercoat; other finishes can be considered for series orders.

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