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Kahlenberg UK Ltd is the European distributor for Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. providing full European support and local stock for Kahlenberg marine and industrial air horns, sound signals, controllers, air compressors and the company's other products.

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Sound signal legal requirements

IMO COLREGs bookWhile countries across Europe will have local laws that apply to ship and boat navigation, there is a common requirement worldwide for all leisure, commercial and military vessels to conform to the IMO International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. As Steve Austin, Senior Policy Lead at the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) explains: "The COLREGs apply to all vessels, there is no differentiation between coded and non-coded vessels. Should the whistles prove not to conform then they will need to be modified or changed."

"Whistles should conform to the performance in COLREGs, Appendix III and the appropriate parts of IEC 60945 to EN60945 which deal with the marine operating environment."

All Kahlenberg products meet or exceed these requirements. Many other new and currently installed sound signals are non-compliant and might be breaching maritime law and invalidating insurance cover.

Commercial and military marine horns and whistles

Kahlenberg commercial and military air horns and electric hornsKahlenberg air horns and electric horns are developed to withstand the extreme demands of commercial and military service. The durability of Kahlenberg sound signals has been demonstrated over decades of service on ocean-going vessels ranging from naval warships to fishing vessels.

Military specifications demand extensive testing for many Kahlenberg air horns and electric horns and the accessories supplied with them; the exceptional qualities of Kahlenberg horn design and manufacturing is proven.

All Kahlenberg Air Horns and Electric Horns meet or exceed IMO Requirements. Certificates of Conformance to the regulations are supplied upon request and with every order.

S-330-DVM H marine air horn

Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn

The Kahlenberg S-330-DVM-H marine air horn provides a fully IMO compliant and ABS certified sound signal for commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft) with a heater for extreme conditions, all in a very compact package with the same benefits of the purpose-designed S-330.

The S-330-DVM-H features a heated operating valve offering dual electric operation with a manual override to provide for redundancy, enhancing crew and vessel safety.

The S-300-DVM-H’s heater is watertight and thermostatically controlled. It operates on 24VDC and 120VAC or 230VAC.

The finish of the horn is TGIC sky white powdercoat and it can safely operate down to -4°C. The S-300-DVM can be mounted to vertical or horizontal surfaces.


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S-330 marine air horn

Kahlenberg S-330 marine air hornThe Kahlenberg S-330 marine air horn is a major new entrant to the range. It is designed to provide a IMO compliant sound signal for commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft) but in a very economic and efficient package.

The Kahlenberg S-330 outperforms competitors in terms of its air consumption and form factor. This also leads to corresponding benefits below decks as extremely small DC or AC compressor systems can be employed.

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KM-DVM-H air horns

Kahlenberg KM-DVM-H series Arctic marine air hornKahlenberg KM-DVM-H air horns are suitable for vessels over 75m (246ft) with some models being suitable for ships over 200m (656ft). They are ruggedly constructed to withstand the harshest of marine environments and capable of operating in temperatures as low as -40°C and up to +80°C.

All Kahlenberg KM-DVM-H air horns have a valve assembly allowing them to cope with a wide range of supply air pressure variation, from 75psi-580psi (5 bar-40 bar). They are designed with a horizontal diaphragm head so that moisture self-drains away from the seat of the stainless steel diaphragm assembly.

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Zero series marine air horns

Kahlenberg D-0A IMO compliant marine air horn in brassKahlenberg marine air horns can be found on the largest of vessels worldwide, but you can obtain all of the renowned abilities of this manufacturer for yachts and motorboats up to 20m (66ft) in length by purchasing a Zero Series air horn. This powerful choice of single, twin and triple marine air horns is IMO compliant and optimised to provide maximum volume for the smallest possible air compressors. Their compact form factors make for easy installation on all types of commercial and charter vessel.

Kahlenberg Zero Series air horns are constructed in extremely robust cast bronze and spun brass. They can be offered as standard in brass, high quality chrome plate or white powercoat; other finishes can be considered for series orders.

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Kahlenberg D-330 commercial marine air horn

Kahlenberg D-330 marine air hornThe Kahlenberg D-330 marine air horn is the latest entrant in the company's compact range for commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft).

The Kahlenberg D-330 outperforms competitors in terms of its air consumption and form factor and it is fully IMO compliant. This also leads to corresponding benefits below decks as extremely small DC or AC compressor systems can be employed.

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KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston Horns

Kahlenberg KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston HornThe Kahlenberg KPH-130C Triton Electric Piston Horn is electrically powered and IMO certified for vessels over 75m (246ft) and over 200m (656ft) in length.

The KPH-130C is ideal for situations where it is preferable not to arrange a remote power supply and the Triton can be specified to cover a range of power options. Kahlenberg UK stocks both a 380V three-phase 50Hz model and a 460V three-phase 60Hz version for rapid deployment anywhere in Europe. Both utilise 230V for the control voltage.

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KB-30A electronic horn/hailer system

Kahlenberg marine electronic horn/hailer systemThe Kahlenberg KB-30A provides a useful option where a fully electronic solution to sound signalling and hailing is preferred. The sound pressure level of this 100W hailer is 131dB (1/3 octave band) and it is suitable for use on vessels up to 75m (246ft) in length.

The horn is waterproof to IP67 and constructed of durable materials, with aluminium alloy for the horn and driver and powder coated steel for the bracket. A heater is included to eliminate moisture and to provide additional protection from freezing. Operating temperature range is +200°C to -50°C.

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Chimetone air horns

Kahlenberg D-2 brass marine air hornChimetone air horns are carefully manufactured to give reliable service and to meet or exceed IMO requirements for leisure yacht and commercial vessels up to 75m (246ft).

This range of air horns, made entirely of bronze and brass and available in chrome for yachts or a more practical white powder coat finish for working vessels. Kahlenberg Chimetone air horns never need tuning or calibration of any kind. All except one model uses multiple trumpets or projectors; these are carefully tuned to provide a safe and powerfully effective signal as well as a distinctive sound that any charter owner will be proud of.

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